Thursday, April 21, 2016

My First Book!

A week ago I moved into my new place in Port Macquarie. It's a gorgeous townhouse and I feel so blessed to be here!

But perhaps what I found even more exciting was when yesterday I purchased some bookshelves. I sold my bookshelves over a year ago when I first moved from Toowoomba. Since then, my books have existed in a pathetic pile on the floor. A depressing sight! But now I have these beautiful shelves - sometimes it's the small things you appreciate the most.

While organising and shelving my beloved books this morning, I was quite surprised to find a children's book that I wrote and illustrated for a school project in year 4! What a laugh! I don't think it's going to win any literary or illustrative awards, but here it is for a bit of fun.

Mr Gardners New Boat
Written and Illustrated by Katherine Appleby (Age 10)

Mr Gardners has bought a new boat, and has decided to try it out on the river.

Mr Gardner was just about to leave when Kate and Tim came running towards him and said,
"Please Mr Gardner, can we come on your boat?"
Mr Gardner said, "OK, as long as you don't rock the boat".
So Kate and Tim climbed aboard.

Mr Gardner was floating down the river when Cat came walking quietly up to the side of the river.
"Please Mr Gardner", she said with a meow, "May I come on your boat trip?"
"OK", said Mr Gardner, "As long as you don't meow all the time".
So cat jumped on.

Mr Gardner was floating under a bridge when Dog appeared.
"Excuse me," he said with a bark, "May I come on your boat please?"
"OK," said Mr Gardner, "As long as you don't chase Cat".
So dog leaped on.

Mr Gardner was floating past a farm when Pig appeared and said, "If it's OK with you Mr Gardner, may I come along on your boat?"
"OK", said Mr Gardner, "As long as you don't be mean to dog".

Mr Gardner was floating past a paddock when Cow came walking down to the bank.
"Excuse me Mr Gardner, can I come on your boat too?"
"OK", said Mr Gardner, "As long as you don't tread on Pig's tail".
So cow came aboard.

Mr Gardner was almost home when...

Cow stamped on Pig's tail,

Pig was mean and teased Dog,

Dog chased Cat and almost knocked everyone over and

Katie and Tim rocked the boat! And then...

The boat


So everyone swam back to the bank and went home to Mr Gardner's house for tea.


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