Monday, December 21, 2015

A Special Secret Santa

At work we were told that we'd all be taking part in a workplace Secret Santa. When it came time to choose a name from the hat, I was thrilled to get Jo, our gardener.

She and I share a love of birds and animals and nature in general. We are always sharing stories about the silly antics that some animals and some birds get up to! So I knew exactly what I would create for her as a Secret Santa gift.

This little painting (only about 25cm x 25cm) was created with acrylic, and includes a piece of old sheet music in the background. It was an absolute pleasure to paint - and I think I will have to paint some more birds in the New Year.

When it came time to finish the painting and varnish it, I suddenly realised that this would not be such a 'secret' Secret Santa after all - as I would have to sign it! Oh well... But she was certainly thrilled with it - and that's the one thing that matters most to me when it comes to art: that it makes a positive impact on those around me. I hope my art brings a smile to you today. 

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